ADAS What is it? How does it effect me and my family? Will I ever use ADAS?

ADAS ( Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technology, available in most all of today’s newer vehicles is the most advanced technology ever offered for safely navigating today’s heavily congested roads, freeways and pedestrian occupied downtown streets. While your probably thinking your a better driver than most, life can change in a nano second. This is how quickly these systems activate to keep you and your family as well as the people , pets and other drivers around you at a safe distance.

Allstar Glass is one of the first to offer this highly technical service. We are your leading source for restoring your vehicle to manufacturer specifications. At Allstar Glass, your safety is our top priority. We accept all insurance carriers and give a written lifetime warranty. Why wait any longer, We’ll have you back on the road in a few hours. Call today! 281-575-7575.

Proudly serving the greater Houston area since 1990, Allstar Glass Corporation provides automotive glass services – including windshield repair, replacement, or tinting – at prices you can afford.

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