Headlight restoration and replacement

See Clearly Again

Do your vehicle headlights look old, dull and dingy? Are you looking for a cost effective repair that restores your vehicles headlights to a clear bright light and gives your automobile a freshened look, again?

At Allstar Glass Corporation we can make your old faded headlight lenses look bright and clear again.  You do not have to settle for old brown, dingy, and dull headlights that not only make night driving difficult, but unsafe.  Regardless of the lens type, all headlights need to be clean and clear to be effective and provide the type of night light to keep you and others safe on the road.  Plus, they look great!

Let Allstar Glass Corporation make your vehicle look new again. Prices start at $15.99 and take less than an hour in most cases and we guarantee your lenses will stay clear for one full year. We also offer a “lifetime never pay again” service.  Not only will this service help you see clearly at night, but will also make your vehicles appearance look clean and new again.

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