Well, we have answers when it comes to Windshield & Auto Glass Repair!

When it comes to Windshield & Auto Glass Repair there are many different factors that determine the cost


Age of the vehicle

The make, year, and model of your car will determine the price of glass replacement. For instance, on most cars, we can save the molding. On some older vehicles, the molding may need to be replaced and add to overall costs.


Cost of the glass

Some vehicle glass is relatively inexpensive. Other vehicle glass is very expensive, even for small repairs.


Vehicle features

The largest factor in cost are usually the options on the vehicle. Rain sensors, lane departure warning systems, or heads up displays all play significant roles in cost of windshield replacement.

The team at Allstar Glass do our best to help you get your windshield or door glass installed at a low price. If your insurance plan covers repairs or replacements, we will bill the insurance company for you and handle payment in-house.

We offer aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass.

Most vehicle manufacturers don’t make glass; for example, Toyota purchases glass from nine different companies. Some manufacturers own glass companies: Ford uses Carlite, and Dodge owns Mopar. All are readily available as aftermarket options. The aftermarket glass is typically available at a lower cost. The team at Allstar Glass is committed to helping you get the most for your dollar. If you’re looking for quality glass repairs and replacements at an affordable price, give Allstar Glass a call. We are here to help.

The general makeup of today’s windshields consists of two pieces of glass. The glass is heated and pressed together to laminate a very strong sheet of clear or tinted vinyl. Manufacturers may add other options or accessories, including mirror mounting brackets, rain sensor brackets, moldings, etc. These parts are often model-exclusive.


Laminated Windshields

Glass windshields have relatively remained unchanged for many years. The laminated windshield more strength than a single sheet of glass equal in thickness. Laminating glass serves far more purpose than providing a clear vision to block wind, small debris, and insects from our eyes. A properly installed windshield can protect the occupants from larger outside impacts as well. Windshields also play a vital role in keeping passengers in the automobile. Their protection is critical for the proper operation of the passenger airbag system and several other safety systems. Seat belts work together in split-second unison with the airbag and windshield to keep occupants securely bound in a forward, side, or rollover collision. These systems simultaneously deploy almost instantly after a crash.

The windshield is also an integrated structural piece of the unibody frame. How? The windshield is an integral part of the crush resistance a unibody cage or frame can withstand. {not sure what this means…} This is only capable when the windshield has been properly installed using super strong urethanes and primers by professional technicians. A faulty install results in failed safety systems. Faulty installs cause more than an extra cost; they can cause serious or death that could otherwise be avoided if the windshield is installed correctly.


Proper Installation

I suggest you read this paragraph again! The importance of a proper install can save your life!

There is no room for error when your loved ones are involved in an accident; it’s very important to have your vehicle glass installed by professionals. The technicians at Allstar Glass are proficient, professional, and always provide a written lifetime warranty for our work. We always follow all state and federal standards, and use only superior adhesives for glass repair and replacement.


    Windshield & Auto Glass Repair

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