Rock chips don’t always require immediate attention, but if they left unattended, they can lead to expensive replacements. Prevent making big dent in your wallet by repairing your rock chips as soon as possible.

Rock chips, even small ones, are 100 times more likely to spread if they are within eight inches of the top, sides, or bottom of your windshield. These areas have less tensile strength are more likely to need a pricy  replacement. Don’t let this happen to you. Failing to address a potentially inexpensive repair can result in a high-cost replacement.

Did you know rock chip repair can be free if your vehicle has full coverage? Your insurance provider may pay for the rock chip repair with no out of pocket cost to you. If this is the case, the experts at Allstar Glass Corporation will invoice your insurance company and handle the entire payment process ourselves.

(Note: This will not increase your insurance premiums. Replacing your windshield is more expensive, to you and your insurance company, than a rock chip repair. Read our F.A.Q page for more information.)

All you have to do is drive in; we’ll repair the rock chip in 30 minutes or less and you will be on your way. Rock chip repairs with Allstar are simple, fast, and most of all, a less expensive alternative to a full replacement.


    Houston Auto Glass Rock Chip Repair

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