How good is your window tint?

If this is the first time you are considering the quality of your window tint, you’re not alone. Car owners often accept the window tint that comes with the car. You may be surprised to learn that your window tint can have a big affect on your car driving experience.

Benefits of A Good Car Window Tint

A high quality window tint can provide the following benefits when you’re behind the wheel, including:


When someone walks past your car, how much can they see from the outside? Can they see what valuables you have, or the overall condition of the car? A good window tint provides some protection and privacy from the outside world.


On the other hand, a bad window tint can be so dark that you cannot see while you’re driving. Stay safe on the road with a balanced window tint that keeps people from looking in, but allows you to look out.

Protection from UV Rays

Even if all of your windows and sunroofs are shut, passengers still risk getting exposure to harmful UV rays. Good window tints can protect your skin and the inside of your car from UV rays. Too much sun exposure can cause your seats to fade and cause other damage.

Protection from Heat

When the sun enters the car, the temperature goes up. If you are constantly burning your fingertips on seat belts or your steering wheel, don’t just blame the weather – blame your window tint. By blocking out UV rays, window tints keep the car (and all of the items inside) nice and cool.

Protection from Broken Glass

Window tint is applied with a film or paint. Having an extra layer of material provides an extra layer of protection in case of an accident. With window tint applications costing as little as $25 for a single window, you will not have to pay much for added safety.


Let’s be honest. Window tints look cool on a car. There is something about the darker layer of film that increases the quality and value of your automobile. (Maybe it’s because your car looks more like a limousine.) When you go to sell your car, having a good window tint can help you close the sale at a higher price point. However, not all window tints are created equal. If your window tint is bubbly or uneven, you won’t gain the aesthetic benefits of a good window tint.

How to Get Good Window Tint For Your Car

Good window tint has numerous benefits, but only when it completely surrounds your car. Many modern car brands only provide window tinting for the back of your vehicle. Sun and heat can still get inside the car from the front. If you take your car to the professionals, you can get the same high-quality window tint applied to all of your windows. At Allstar Glass, we can also apply film to single windows. A simple phone call can protect you, your children, and your valuables.

Have you checked out the window tint of your car? Let us know in the comments!

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