Pebbles, branches, or other fast-moving objects can crack your windshield in an instant. After you have gotten over the initial shock of seeing the crack, you may have a few questions. Most cracks can be temporarily repaired at home, but a larger crack may require professional attention. Read our guide below to learn how to stop cracks from running on a windshield, and when you need to take further steps and get your windshield professionally repaired or replaced.

How To Assess the Damage Of A Cracked Windshield

Take immediate action by examining the crack of your windshield. A crack that is more than four inches long or over half an inch wide will have to be taken in for a full replacement. The crack may need a replacement if it’s directly within the driver’s line of sight. If the crack is smaller than these dimensions, a professional may repair the crack, or you can repair it yourself. Often, one DIY repair kit will not be able to fill the extent of the crack, and cannot fully fix the damage.

If you do not take immediate action, the damage can spread. Cracks that have not been addressed after a month cannot be repaired, even if they have not spread far. Dirt, debris, and other harmful substances can get into the crack. Even a DIY repair kit or nail polish can prevent these substances from causing further damage.

DIY Windshield Crack Repair

Before you do any sort of repair work, clean the crack to remove any surrounding dirt or dust. Dry the crack with a hair dryer or towel.

You can repair your windshield with household items. If you have nail polish or superglue, you can fill the crack with either of these two substances. Add a generous amount of either until it fills the crack completely. Dry the crack with a hair dryer and apply a piece of clear tape over the crack. Don’t be surprised if the tape doesn’t last longer than a week or one trip through a car wash. Remember, these are just temporary solutions, but can stop the windshield crack from running until you take the damage to a professional.

DIY repair kits are also available for purchase. A DIY kit will have a resin similar to nail polish and superglue to fill the crack, although you may have to make a small hole in your windshield to reach the crack with resin.

After you have taken the steps to repair your windshield, prevent further damage by parking your car in the shade. Weather can also cause damage to spread. Other products provide a wax-based coating for your entire windshield that helps rain and moisture slide off easily. If you have a crack, apply these products to your windshield to prevent further damage.

Have a Crack in Your Windshield? You May Need to Go to the Experts.

Once you have applied a temporary fix, you should consider taking your windshield to a glass specialist. Multiple home repairs will not become more effective over time. A windshield repair can cost less than $100 and take a short amount of time. Prevent further damage and keep yourself safe with a professional windshield repair.

Do you have a crack in your windshield? How are you preparing to repair the damage? Let us know in the comments.

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