Windshield Repair & Rock Chip Repair


Mercedes has one of the longest histories in the world of car manufacturing. Karl Benz invented the first petrol-powered car, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, back in 1886. The car, made in Germany, is often credited as the first “modern” vehicle. In 1901, Karl Benz teamed up with Emil Jellinek to market the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Mercedes was the name of Jellinek’s daughter. Jellinek was a powerful entrepreneur with many connections to wealthy billionaires, including J.D. Rockefeller. Mercedes-Benz has been associated with wealth and luxury ever since its beginnings. They still continue to beat sales records throughout the world, year after year.

The luxury brand lives up to its expectations. Mercedes has constantly been a leader in safety and durability innovations. Currently, the brand is focusing their efforts on electric, rather than petrol, vehicles. The company has announced that it will invest $11 billion in 2022 and offer a hybrid or electric option for every Mercedes-Benz on the market.


Mercedes-Benz vehicles are known throughout the world for their durability and safety. Damage to Mercedes-Benz vehicles are few and far between, but if an individual part of a Mercedes needs a repair or replacement, you know that it will only require a quick fix.

The experts at All Star Glass understand how important quality and safety is to Mercedes-Benz owners. We offer a variety of services for Mercedes vehicles, includingrock chip repair and window tinting. Our team of experts can fix your car in a moment’s notice; we even have a mobile repair service for Mercedes owners who need a repair from their work or home.

All Star Glass is the most trusted team in the Houston area for glass repair and replacement. Our team can get your car back on the road in no time. Contact us today for a free quote.


    Mercedes Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

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