Rock chips left unattended can lead to expensive replacements. This alone is a great reason to have Allstar repair your break as soon as possible.

A break, (Rock Chip) no matter how small is 100 times more likely to spread if within 8″ of the top, sides or bottom of the windshield. This area is where the glass has the least amount of tinsel strength. A break here is a sure bet left unrepaired you’ll need a replacement soon. Don’t let this happen to you. Keep this inexpensive repair from becoming a higher cost replacement.

Did you know your repair can be free if your vehicle has full coverage, your Insurance provider will pay for the rock chip repair with no out of pocket cost to you. We handle the entire process for you . Allstar will invoice your Insurance company so there’s no cost to you for you chip repair . You drive in, we repair and your on your way. Simple , fast and most of all, saves you the cost of replacement.

This will NOT increase your premiums. Replacement of your windshield cost your insurer far more than comping a rock chip repair. Check out our F.A.Q. for more information on Insurance claims.

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