Todays modern vehicles are equipped tinted from the manufacturers, ( Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, ETC.) But only the rear half of the vehicle. When you need to stay cool in south Texas’s heat, you’ll need the front glass done as well. At Allstar Glass we use only the highest of quality films for a lifetime warranty of use.

Some of the advantages of tinting you windows:

  • Tinting your windows lowers your vehicles interior temperature.
  • In the event of breakage window tint can provide greater protection from glass shards.
  • Tinting protects you and your interior from harmful Ultra violet rays.
  • Tinting helps keep your interior private.
  • Tinting adds that custom look.
  • Eyebrows help block the setting sun.
  • “Limo Tint” for total eclipse of light.
  • We tint Single pieces for as little as $25 and complete tints for $99 and up.
  • Your Tinting needs, Just a call away!

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