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We have you covered!

With the SMART features that modern vehicles and windshields are equipped wth repairs and replacements can get pricey, fast!

By becoming a member of the Star Program you can insure your investment and protect it from future rockchips, cracks, and damages. When a modern windshield equipped with sensors, displays, and other technologies is chipped it can quickly lead to malfunctions and expensive repairs. That's why rock chips should be repaired immediately!

All Star Program members are welcome to come in for repairs anytime, without an appointment and the chip will be repaired in a heart beat. Unfortuantely these instances occur frequently, so put your mind at ease and become a Star Program Member today!

What's Included?

Initiation Fee

ONETIME: $24.99

Become a member today with the low price of $24.99

Monthly Membership

ONLY $5.99

Paid annually and reimburseable towards future windshield replacements.

Windshield Replacements


If you are an active Star Member and ever need your windshield replaced due to damages that are non-repairable, we will reimburse you with your monthly membership premiums to put towards your new windshield!

There is no downside to the Star Program. You can drive your daily commutes with confidence knowing that the team at All Star Glass has you covered.

Whether you need a simple rock chip repair now and then, or you need to replace an expensive windshield, the Star Program protects you!

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We service all Major Brands!

No matter what you drive, we have you covered! Call us today for windshield repairs & any of your auto glass needs.

Kim NguyenKim Nguyen
00:10 24 Aug 23
I am glad that I went to Allstar Glass. They did an awesome job with a reasonable price and the staff here are very knowledgeable and honest. If anyone wants to receive an excellent service, I would recommend Allstar Glass.
Cayonne DonaldsonCayonne Donaldson
16:36 17 Aug 23
I requested a quote online for a windshield replacement, and Les responded quickly. They offered to squeeze me in the next day, but I opted for another day. I met Kayla to drop off my car, and she took care of everything. My windshield replacement was finished in a couple hours and I was very satisfied. Les and Kayla, thank you both for a great experience! 👍🏽
00:32 22 Jul 23
Brought my car because of a rock hitting my window.🙄I was amazed at the incredible job he did! The crack is unnoticeable! Also, very pleasant and easy people to work with.
Dan NegrinDan Negrin
17:53 18 Jul 23
Had my windshield replaced. Great job and they went over and above.
Luz RiveraLuz Rivera
20:03 17 Jun 23
on behalf of my brother, Arnold Rivera and in his words--a big thumbs up to Allstar Glass for their service in repairing a glass chip on his auto.
Samuel HengSamuel Heng
21:16 12 Jun 23
I requested a quote online for a windshield replacement on a Friday afternoon, and got a super quick response. They offered to squeeze me in the next day, but I opted for the next business day to not interrupt their schedule. Everything from there went super smooth. They were incredibly professional, and finished the replacement in just a few hours and sent me on my way. Overall a great experience, from a great business, ran by great people. Would highly recommend!
Ryan KosackRyan Kosack
17:33 04 May 23
Got a quote and was done in half the time quoted with a great price and a friendly staff. Would recommend to anyone in the Atascocita area in need of windshield repair or replacement!
Andrei IonescuAndrei Ionescu
18:22 12 Oct 22
Excellent shop, strongly recommend.Their service was top notch, from the first call to confirm the appointment till return of vehicle. They also explained how to further protect and treat the glass until the glue sets. Very professional, well informed, courteous and transparent from start to finish; also, the repair took less time than estimated.Cannot recommend this place enough!
Kevin SzuraKevin Szura
18:06 03 Oct 22
Les and the Team have gone above and beyond my expectations, they picked up and delivered my vehicle and made the entire process painless. I have already recommended to friends and family and the results have been the same.
Sean BrierleySean Brierley
16:15 10 Sep 22
After three failed attempts of getting new glass via Safelite AutoGlass, I called my insurance company and asked for an alternative provider. They forwarded my case to Allstar AutoGlass. These people are top class professionals. They do hold to their promises and do excellent work. They were even able to calibrate the ADOS camera system which the other guy said had to be done at a dealer.This is also a family owned business which makes me feel good that the proceeds of my insurance work are benefitting small businesses.Get your glass work done here for all of the above reasons.
04:23 17 Aug 22
Glad I chose Allstar Glass over other places!I was a bit concerned after I realized that any special instructions weren’t given after the windshield replacement(such as no driving for an hour, don't use wipers, etc) but everything seems good and the windshield looks great! They replaced my windshield right away!Fast and professional service!
Jennifer MarquardtJennifer Marquardt
23:10 20 Jun 22
Superb service and professionalism! I will definitely come back. They replaced my whole back window and windshield w/wipers. They were faster than I expected and had a pleasant and comfortable waiting area with vending machines. Thank you so much for the fantastic job, everyone!
Anisa McCartyAnisa McCarty
02:43 25 Apr 21
I wanted to highly recommend Allstar Glass on Hwy 6! I had a passenger window broken out on my car when I was at dinner in Montrose the other night. Nothing was taken, but it left me with a window to replace. I called insurance but wasn't happy with the cost and it was going to take a week before they could replace it. I called a few places in the Cypress area, including a dealership. Stan, with Allstar Glass, was my savior! He gave me a price that was less than half the cost of my insurance vendor. Plus, he went above and beyond to make sure I got the window replaced the same day. They did a great job, were fast, and I couldn't have asked for better customer service! If you ever need a window replaced or fixed on your vehicle go see Stan at Allstar Glass on Hwy 6.
22:37 26 Mar 19
Just got my glass replaced... awesome experience... i went in there around 12 just to get a price, once he told me the price i knew i had to get it done here.. he ordered it and called me as soon as it came in, same day by the way, showed up 20 min before closing and they were ready to go and had me out the door in less that 45 min. Definitely recommend.

Is your rock chip unrepairable? All Star Glass reimburses STAR members with their monthly premiums towards the replacement of your windshield.

Windshield Repair & Rock Chip Repair

Rock Chip Repair Insurance – Star Program

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