Houston Windshield & Rock Chip Repair Services

When you need windshield & rock chip repair on your vehicle, call the experts. All Star Glass is the top glass repair clinic in Houston and southern Texas. We are committed to keeping you and your vehicle safe with careful, professional glass repair services.

Allstar Glass is available for unique, custom glass services for Class A motorhomes, campers, bed toppers, and other vehicles. 

We are the top Houston glass repair clinic, offering restoration and replacement of:

  • Back Glass
  • Door Glass
  • Quarter Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Vent Glass
  • Windshield Glass

Allstar Glass services all makes and models, including doors, motors, regulators, and switches.

Todays modern vehicles are equipped with the most advanced technology ever seen in passenger cars, vans and light trucks. Some of yesterdays affordable glass has become todays highest priced windshields. Todays glass is now considered ” Smart Glass”. Your everyday passenger vehicles are becoming as advanced as your latest cell phone. The Toyota Highlander for instance has 9 different options for windshields.


Some of these modern beauties are so smart, they practically drive for you. The Important point here is when you have your windshield replaced, it can no longer be done by the Joe down the street. You need a highly trained , certified professional glass company to remove and replace todays sophisticated windshields. For that reason, you should choose Allstar for all of your Houston Windshield & Rock Chip Repairs. Here are a few of the components involved in todays modern windshield replacement.


  • (HUD) Heads up Display
  • (RS) Rain sensing wipers
  • (CD) Condensation Sensor
  • (HM) Humidity Sensor
  • (SOL) Solar, Ultra Violet light blocking
  • (ACI) Acoustic Interlayer
  • (LDWS) Lane Departure Warning System
  • (LKA) Lane keep assist
  • (FCA) Forward crash alert
  • (NV) Night Vision

Modern windshields require modern technology to service them properly.

Make sure you use a professional when replacing a modern windshield. These options are becoming common on 2015 and up vehicles. In 2017, most of these options will be standard on the new models .These very technical features are involved in the replacement of these modern windshields. The cameras ( LDWS ) that peer through your glass must be precisely calculated or the safety item will fail to serve its purpose.

One of your most expensive purchases in life shouldn’t be left in the hand of an incompetent , untrained facility. At Allstar Glass, we do it right the first time, on time , every time. We Warranty your replacement in writing for life. Give us a call or send a note. One of our specialist will gladly help with any questions you might have.

Our Mobile service technicians are equipped with the latest tools and training for providing superior service, on time, the first time. Our mobile service team can get your vehicle back on the road in as little as 30 minutes for rock chip repairs . For windshields, door glasses and back glass replacements, the service time is typically 90 minutes or less. Our mobile glass replacement consist of 2 technician teams . This assures a precise, timely, O.E.M. quality guaranteed replacement.


At Allstar Glass our number one goal is getting you back on the road quickly, efficiently and most of all safely. Allstar Glass takes the hassle and stress out of your automotive glass repair by servicing your vehicle at your home or office. Our mobile service team makes your glass replacement, as easy as a phone call away.

Todays modern vehicles are equipped tinted from the manufacturers, ( Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, ETC.) But only the rear half of the vehicle. When you need to stay cool in south Texas’s heat, you’ll need the front glass done as well. At Allstar Glass we use only the highest of quality films for a lifetime warranty of use.


Some of the advantages of tinting you windows:


  • Tinting your windows lowers your vehicles interior temperature.
  • In the event of breakage window tint can provide greater protection from glass shards.
  • Tinting protects you and your interior from harmful Ultra violet rays.
  • Tinting helps keep your interior private.
  • Tinting adds that custom look.
  • Eyebrows help block the setting sun.
  • “Limo Tint” for total eclipse of light.
  • We tint Single pieces for as little as $25 and complete tints for $99 and up.
  • Your Tinting needs, Just a call away!

Rock chips left unattended can lead to expensive replacements. This alone is a great reason to have Allstar repair your break as soon as possible.


A break, (Rock Chip) no matter how small is 100 times more likely to spread if within 8″ of the top, sides or bottom of the windshield. This area is where the glass has the least amount of tinsel strength. A break here is a sure bet left unrepaired you’ll need a replacement soon. Don’t let this happen to you. Keep this inexpensive repair from becoming a higher cost replacement.


Did you know your repair can be free if your vehicle has full coverage, your Insurance provider will pay for the rock chip repair with no out of pocket cost to you. We handle the entire process for you . Allstar will invoice your Insurance company so there’s no cost to you for you chip repair . You drive in, we repair and your on your way. Simple , fast and most of all, saves you the cost of replacement.


This will NOT increase your premiums. Replacement of your windshield cost your insurer far more than comping a rock chip repair. Check out our F.A.Q. for more information on Insurance claims.


    Windshield & Rock Chip Repair Services

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